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MINIMACRO: PSDFAN Texture Magazine

PSDFAN Texture Magazine!

Andre Meca, the talented artist behind our Texture Thursdays series has compiled all of the PSDFAN textures into a magazine project. The textures have been laid out in a really creative way, and the magazine is looking really professional. Great job Andre!

To check view and download all of these textures check out our textures section.

I hope that you’ll let Andre know what you think of his work. You can view the entire magazine in full-screen slideshow mode here.

About the Author:

Andre is a talented photographer and artist. You can see more of his work at his DeviantArt Page or Behance Page.

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  1. texturezine says:

    Waovv very nice great project.

  2. Melody says:

    The xrays are definitely cool..thought it was a real book..would probably be cool to do somethin like that..

  3. So Andre is the great supplier and maker of the textures for texture Thursday, great work Andre, the book is also an awesome idea.

  4. Tom says:

    Thanks for the great comments guys. Melody: I love the xray textures too! They’re really intense.

  5. thats a great idea cheers for the post Tom

  6. Yourmung says:

    Outstanding, really a beautiful piece of good design.

  7. Michael says:

    great mag, i thought it was real. where can I get a real one printed?

  8. Love the magazine, Andre did a great job putting them all together, you should turn it into a book.

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