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Members Area Tutorial: Create an Incredible Typographic Illustration

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Create an Incredible Typographic Illustration

Final Image

The result of this tutorial is shown below:

What You Will Learn

This tutorial is very in depth, and covers design techniques listed below:

  • Learn how to sketch out the basis for your typographic illustration
  • Learn how to trace your sketch using Illustrator
  • Learn complex shading techniques to add depth to your lettering
  • Learn how to manage your layers correctly, and work with smart objects
  • Learn to integrate an awesome dripping typographic effect
  • Work with lighting effects, and establishing a light source
  • & Much More!

Learn how to trace lettering accurately in Illustrator.

Construct an awesome dripping effect from your lettering, tying your various words together.

Identify your light sources and then implement various shading/lighting techniques.

Extra Bonuses

As an extra bonus, with this tutorial pack you will not only be downloading the original layered source file for this tutorial, but a folder containing each individual starting sketch, and all original Illustrator files. Download the exclusive members-only tutorial pack today:

About the Author:

Eric is a Graphic Designer, specializing in Print and Web Design. He's a graduate of the New England Institute of Art in Boston and has over 4 years of professional and freelance work experience. He lives in Brooklyn, New York working as a Graphic Designer and he has been featured in Advanced Photoshop Magazine, The Art of Fashion Art Exhibit and Artists In The Station Art Exhibit. Visit Eric's portfolio at

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    This makes me think about being a premium member:) great work

  2. modyy says:

    very nice this work

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