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30 Minute Redesign Series

The 30 Minute Redesigns

Some time ago I introduced a weekly series to PSDFAN called ’30 Minute Redesigns’. Each Saturday I redesign a visitor’s website, completely free of charge, analyzing exactly what was wrong with their current website and what I improved upon. After this I email the owner the .psd file to help them implement the redesign.

It’s turned out to be a very popular post series as readers are able to see exactly where designers have gone wrong in the past, and can see how to easily improve their own sites. By discussing negative and positive points of each design I’m able to demonstrate good design practices in a highly applicable manner.

This make this entire series more accessible, I’m organizing all posts into a kind of ‘contents page’ post. Please feel free to bookmark this post, as it will provide a single page where you can access and look over all previous redesigns. Each week I’ll add that week’s redesign to this page, so that it can act as a permanent reference point.

Week 1: Rich Gates

Week 2: The Capital Singers of Trenton

Week 3:

Week 4: Sony Photo Pro

Week 5: Motel Cisne

Week 6: The Flag Company

Week 7:

Week 8: Cachaca Wruck

Week 9: Bk Graphix

Week 10: Rapsodia

Week 11: Travel Costa Rica

About the Author:

Tom is the founder of PSDFAN. He loves writing tutorials, learning more about design and interacting with the community. On a more interesting note he can also play guitar hero drunk with his teeth.

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  1. RUGRLN says:

    I find it quite amazing how you’re able to produce such great redesigns in 30 mns week after week; I wish I could do that! They truly look amazing and modern! Great job!

  2. Mithun Paul says:

    It is really amazing what you are doing? brilliant IDEA.I think that is one really good idea which could be developed as a model by most better known designers, to be able to make the web a better place to browse and most often to find information correctly and beautifully.

    we should call this something like web beautiful, a web wide project, involving coders, web designers etc which shall actually go in and choose web sites at random and re-develop wherever you feel we can contribute to enhancing the user experience. This would be the best way to actually help improve the user experience…

  3. Vim says:

    Nice job on these re-designs, since you’ve done a round up of all the 30min re-designs, does that mean there’s not going to be anymore 30min re-designs?

  4. It’s nice to see all your great redesigns in a roundup and hopefully you will be doing some more once you find some sites to redesign. I’ve always looked forward to seeing each weeks redesign and you’ve done a great job on all of them. Thanks!

  5. nice designs or I mean re-designs ,will have to bookmark this

  6. Rachel says:

    Nice design..great work..thanks for post..

  7. Truly great work as well as highly appreciable. Tom, I also liked your this idea of 30 mins redesign section.

  8. Hello Tom. Are we going to have a list to choose from this week?

    Please, consider among the others.


  9. [...] the 30 Minute Redesign series, which takes place each Saturday. This post series is now in it’s 15th week, and has had some [...]

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